Miami Music Scene – Dance Clubs a Huge Draw in South Beach
For so many years, Miami was a major tourist attraction, most notable to older Americans who wanted to get away from the cold winter months to a place that was sunny and devoid of snow. However, in recent years, Miami-Dade is drawing a much younger crowd and the redesigning of South Beach has made this a trendy destination for students seeking a vibrant lifestyle while pursuing a graduate degree. Whether studying an online MME degree from Kent State University or attending classes at FIU (Florida International University), students are simply drawn to the nightlife and social music scene of South Beach.

The Allure Dance Clubs in South Beach
While many students spend their days on the sunny beaches, others are more nocturnal and only come out after the sun goes down and the city lights come on. Dance clubs are huge with this crowd and especially enjoyable for anyone studying for an online masters in music program. They can study quietly at home while hitting the clubs to dance away many of the frustrations that come along with graduate studies. If you are going to be a music major, why not live, work, and play in a city famed for its range of music? Dance has come a long way in recent decades and is now actually a popular genre of music.

South Beach Dance Clubs Abound
As far north as New York, reporters are talking about the amazing dance clubs in Miami and are even going so far as to list the ten best clubs in South Beach. Music is a vital part of the Latino culture in Miami-Dade and perhaps a huge reason dance clubs are so successful here. Clubs listed in the New York Times as being among the best include:

1. Mango’s Tropical Lounge
2. Purdy Lounge
3. Do Not Sit on the Furniture
4. Nikki Beach
5. Basement
6. Story

And, those are just a sampling of the best clubs in Miami, South Beach, in particular. Is it any wonder that music grad students flock to South Beach for the quality of music they’ll find and the excitement that is what put South Beach on the Millennial map?

Star Sightings Another Draw
On any given day, you are likely to see celebs such as Madonna in South Beach because they are attracted to the buzz as much as you are. Don’t think for one minute that today’s stars are too snobbish to avoid the streets of South Beach because they are just as much fans of the dance genre as you are. Madonna, in fact, started a whole revolution in pop with her gyrating dance moves in videos of the early 80s and is part of what made South Beach what it is today. Don’t forget to give a shout out to Miami’s own Gloria Estefan for putting Latin rhythms on the dance floor. No matter what genre you prefer, South Beach has it all, even if dance is by far the most popular – dance with a Latino twist says it all!

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