Accenting Your Style with a Matching Wedding Theme
When planning your wedding theme, every detail needs to be correct in order for you to have the perfect look that transcends time. This means that everything from your wedding dress and flowers to your wedding favors need to be planned out ahead of time in order for things to match correctly. Many brides have a tough time seeing the big picture and why it is so important to focus on the details when crating their wedding theme. In fact, many brides find themselves in a “mad dash” working against the clock, so they end up throwing together a bunch of items that don’t really match or fit any type of over-arching theme. Here are some tips to help you pull off an amazing wedding theme from the ground up including wedding favors like sparklers that accent the style of your hair, dress, and wedding decorations.

Wedding Dress First
Before you start planning any other part of your wedding theme, you need to decide on a color and style for your wedding dress. If you want your wedding theme to make sense in the end, everything should revolve around the way you look. If you choose a vintage wedding dress, your wedding theme should reflect this vintage style. If you choose to have a modern wedding dress, your wedding theme should be chic and modern. Your wedding dress style will also impact your hair style, makeup, and wedding accessories, so this is always where you should start your planning process.

Choose a Theme
Once you have your wedding dress style selected, and preferably already purchased your exact dress, you’ll need to choose your wedding theme. If you are a traditional bride, this job will be fairly simple since you will want an elegant look that screams romance. However, other types of wedding themes will require a little more effort to plan such as vintage weddings, rustic weddings, or beach weddings. Whatever theme you select, just make sure that it lines up with the way that you will be dressed and all of your decisions will fall in line much easier.

Wedding Favors
Your wedding favors may seem like an afterthought when planning your wedding, but they can actually play a very large role in how your day goes. Many brides just choose a useless trinket to give to their guests, but putting some additional thought into the decision can make a very large impact on the day’s events. For instance, if you are planning a beach wedding, you can hand out wedding sparklers to your guests to use at sunset on the beach as a fun activity. Many wedding venues don’t allow the use of wedding sparklers, but most beaches are a safe option since there’s nothing to accidentally burn with your sparklers. If you are having a formal style wedding, you could have your wedding date etched into the crystal stemware used to serve champagne so that your guests can take one home with them at the end of the night as a keepsake. Whatever style of wedding you choose to have, just make sure that your wedding favors are useful during the reception and that your guests will enjoy using them either at the event or when they get home.

Flowers and Decorations
Choosing your wedding decorations is a lot like choosing your wedding favors because they should reflect and enhance your wedding dress, makeup style, and hair. If you will be wearing a white dress with blue eyeliner, you should choose wedding decorations that are primarily white with a few blue accents throughout the venue. To break things up a little, you can always throw in a variety of classic wedding colors such as red or pink to give your theme a little more variety.

Similarly, your choice in weeding flower colors should enhance the look that you’re wearing. Use lots of white and red flowers to create a romantic atmosphere while still complimenting your dress and makeup. I like to alternate my flower colors against the decorations to keep things colorful but not too mundane. By breaking up your color schemes between the different types of decorations and choosing appropriate favors such as wedding sparklers or crystal stemware, you can complement and enhance your personal look without seeming too plain.

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