Concise guide about IVF
Ever since the time of 1800 IVF is rated to be a popular method of conception. The only drawback was as it was on the expensive side, the treatment was limited. Ever since 2000 it has gone on to become the most sort out form of treatment for millions of people worldwide.

The definition

IVF in short stands for in Vitro fertilization that is a procedure normally undertaken by fertility experts. It is considered to be a method where human fertilization does take place outside the body and that too occurs in a laboratory. Normally this procedure is conducted in the following cases

• Where cases of infertility are not explained

• When couples are failing to conceive in spite of having unprotected sex for more than a single   year

• Problems faced with infertility

The advantages presented with IVF

You are able to conceive

If a couple has failed to conceive in a natural manner, this procedure works out to be the best option where they are expected to conceive in a year

Facilitates surrogacy

Many couples face the brunt of not being able to conceive due to certain form of illness. Examples are a lady without a womb or it could be gay couples. By surrogacy it is a process whereby the embryo is transferred to the womb of a lady for further development. Once the delivery is over, the baby is handed over to the intended parents.

Fallopian blocked tubes may also arise

Many times the fallopian tubes are blocked or obstructed to reasons unknown. In such cases the sperms fail to reach over to the egg. What happens is that you can retrieve eggs from a lady and this could be fertilized with the help of a Petri dish.

The process is safe

When you choose the top IVF doctors in India you can be sure that the process is safe and secure. It is conducted in a state of art clinic where all the basic facilities along with the latest in medical science being used. Most of the fertility experts would have been part of numerous IVF treatments without having to face any major type of complication

Best form of treatment

There are varied alternatives in order to conceive, but IVF works out to be the best option. The success rate is high and it is much better than other courses of treatment.

In old age it presents an opportunity to give birth. Gone are the days where you were dependant on menopause to give birth to a baby. With this form of birth, now older women can give live birth to younger babies. The best part about this treatment is that both men and women can opt for it in order to deal with their infertility issues.

But there are some risks as well. The quality of the surgeon has a huge say in this regard. Sometimes a situation of multiple births could emerge on the goof up of a doctor and this treatment works out to be a costly one as well.

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