Going To Chennai With Friends, Here Is The Cheapest Way To Travel From Coimbatore
The city of Chennai which is often called the ‘South India Gateway' is the capital of Tamil Nadu. This spectacular city formerly referred to as Madras is the major economic and social hub in India. It is also amongst the oldest metropolis in India together with Mumbai, Delhi, and Calcutta respectively. Due to the attractions and entertainment facilities in Chennai, the city is overflowing with millions of tourists every year.

Chennai is often thronged by pleasure-seeking tourists and businesses that are drawn by the culture and rich heritage of Chennai. Such attractions like the Kapeeleswarar Temple, St. Mar's Church, Guindy National Park, and Fort St. George, Breezy Beach, Edward Elliot Beach, Cave long, San Thome Basilica Marina Beach and so many others. No wonder Chennai is a center of attraction for tourists with all these goodies it offers.

On the other hand, Coimbatore is amongst the essential towns in Tamil Nadu a state in India. Formerly, the city of Coimbatore is popularly known as Manchester of South India since it has some similarities with the famous town in England. This city is the main center of commerce, technology, textile industry, education, and healthcare. To be precise, Chennai is the principal town of south India that allows people to view and enjoy its modern development and culture as a metropolis.
Both Coimbatore and Chennai have a connection through NH 47 and NH 46 respectively with the overall distance of 525 kilometers. Coimbatore has its base around the central tip of the Indian Peninsula whereas Chennai is sitting on the coast of Coromandel.

The distance between the Coimbatore and Chennai reaches up to 508 km while the time of the travel varies from 06:35 to 15: 10 hours. That is if you take into consideration the road conditions, traffic, the particular bus schedule and the weather conditions. All these put together can affect the time of your arrival.

Coimbatore to Chennai bus reservation has the total of 48 bus operators who offer up to 622 tickets available and 111 trips provision. These options mean that you are free to make your reservation for the appropriate trip that will be suitable for your schedule.

If you want to go to Chennai with your friends, don't worry that you will spend much on Coimbatore to Chennai bus fare because there are ways to get the best out of all the offers.

1. Compare the fares of many bus services

There are many bus travel operators on the route of Coimbatore to Chennai to provide you with the much-needed transportation between both towns. Some of the bus operators that take the route of Coimbatore to Chennai are ABT X Travels, KPN, Hindustan and SRM Travels. Take your time to compare their fares and get the cheapest out of them. The tariff for the fare from Coimbatore to Chennai ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,700 if you are booking Air Indiana Travels, Maaruthi Travels, A1 Travels and Parveen Travels. They are the best bus travel service that can provide you with the maximum efficiency and comfort while maintaining your tight budget.

2. Use the Regular bus

Since there are so many booking options for any of bus you want reserves such as Sleeper bus, Non-AC, Multi-axle Volvo A/C Sleeper, Semi Sleeper, Scania AC Multi Axle and AC buses, you can book the appropriate one that will suit your needs. Each of these bus operators is the people who can provide you with different bus options to choose from such as regular buses, Volvo, Deluxe buses and AC buses respectively.

If you want to spend less with your friends, don't go for the high and classic buses like Volvo, Deluxe and AC buses. Book the regular bus and spend the cheapest fare.

3. Travel during the night

You will get the buses from Coimbatore to Chennai at any time since the transportation is always available throughout the daytime and night hours. If morning travel is what works for you, there are three different trip options that you can consider. However, it is always hectic and expensive due to the travelers who may have one business or appointment to keep in Chennai.

However, if your preference is to travel at a later hour, you will also have three bus ticket options where for evening hours travel, up to 105 tickets are accessible. If you want to enjoy cheap travel from Coimbatore to Chennai, travel when the rush is low and make use of great discounts. 

4. Book from Yatra.com

Booking for this bus service can be carried out online at Yatra.com where you are sure to get reasonable and exclusive deals. Not only access to discounts, but you can also make comparisons easily since we have done all the necessary research for you.

5. Use the Train and get to Chennai without spending a lot

From Coimbatore Junction (CBE) take a train to Chennai Central (MAS). If you travel through the railway, it will take you and your friends 7 hours 30 minutes to get to Chennai. The train ticket is very affordable, and no matter how many you are, it will not be an issue.


You can go to Chennai with your friends and pay less for bus fare. Utilize the bus services available on the route and have a safe trip.

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