Gold : The Essential Asset
Gold is the best asset securing system that keeps your asset safe and protected from inflation and deflation that affect currency. Gold will not lose its value. If you converted all your cash for gold today. In 10 years, your gold will be still worth the same amount if not more than the money that you have.

It is the only tangible valued item in the world. Gold has come a long way. It has been functioning as money for almost five thousand years and it still is one of the best investments that is worth investing in and not worrying about the value. Gold and silver bars stored by governments are for the same reason. It is vital for any sovereign country to have a stock of gold in their federal reserve so they may give value and conduct commerce with other nations, those who sell gold bullion and favour the current market will be unlikely to succeed for very long.

It is an unavoidable fact that gold will retain its value while paper currency will return to its original intrinsic value, which is actually zero. This fact causes a lot of speculation ever since most governments de-pegged their currency to gold. As such, currencies will eventually fade out and end up having zero value as the world moves ahead in a new golden era of precious metals. Those who possess gold and silver will rule this era. It is a vital fact that most people should keep a certain amount of precious metals such as gold, silver and copper in their possession. During times of political instability or economic chaos, gold would be the only savior to overcome those difficult times.

A simple example of how gold or silver do not lose value is the fact that the amount of goods that an individual can purchase now for an ounce of gold which is valued at approximately a thousand dollars is the same amount of goods that the same individual would be able to purchase a hundred years ago if not more. The only difference that confuses the scenario is that an ounce of gold 100 years ago would be holding a value of maybe a hundred dollars or less.

This points out clearly that god has not gone up much in terms of value or lost any value at the same time. What really happened was that the value of paper currency has been on a decline. If someone was able to buy a cow at a hundred dollars a hundred years ago, the same cow would cost maybe 10 times more. At the same time if someone was able to purchase a cow for an ounce of gold a hundred years ago for an ounce of gold, that person would still be able o purchase a cow for an ounce of gold today.

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