How Does The Second Birthing Process Feel Different
Even though it is your second time delivery, there are chances that it may be completely different from your first experience. How you welcome your second time delivery is dependent on what your first delivery experience was. If it was a good experience then you may feel relaxed the second time too. However, if your first delivery was a traumatic one, then it is normal for you to feel anxious before you go to deliver the second birth.

 Difference between the second pregnancy and first
 It is not just the labour or the second delivery but there are many different emotional and physical changes that happen during your second delivery. Second-time pregnancy leaves you with very less time for yourself as you also have a toddler at home. It gets very difficult to take complete care of yourself.

You, however, experience a few feelings either differently or much sooner than you had during your first pregnancy:

Baby movements-During the second pregnancy, the woman will be able to recognise the movement of the baby much sooner. This is because she already knows the feeling of a baby moving inside and so it gets easy to notice the movement which starts to happen at the end of the third or the beginning of the fourth month

Baby lower in the abdomen – The abdominal muscles get stretched during the first pregnancy and get weaker. It is not able to support the baby and thus the baby is placed lower in the abdomen. This lets you eat and breathe more comfortably. However, it also increases the urge to urinate frequently because of pressure on the bladder. It increases pelvic discomfort because of increase in pressure in the pelvic area.

Contractions – The uterus produces more false contractions called the Braxton Hicks contractions as compared to the first pregnancy. These contractions help to warm up and get the uterus ready for delivery.

The baby gets engaged a little later in the second delivery because of more space in the womb that gets stretched after the first pregnancy. This lets the baby change positions for a long time and thus takes time to engage.

Labour – The cervix is more dilated during the second pregnancy and this shortens the length of labour. The labour progresses rapidly and contractions become strong quickly. Since the pelvic floor muscles and the elastic wall of the vaginal have already been stretched before, it lets the baby pass through the birth canal much easily. The early stage of labour where the cervix dilates to 4 cm takes lesser time. The active stage of labour where the cervix dilates to 4 to 10 cm also happens quickly. The pushing stage too reduces significantly and is much faster. However, if the labour is short it may also mean that it is more intense as the stretching of the pelvis and the vagina and the dilation of the cervix happen rapidly.

 These are just assumptions; however, if the second baby is larger than the first baby then these calculations may change.

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