The Introductory Meeting with Your Wedding Photographer
There are several ways to prepare for the introductory meeting. There are also many lists of questions that you have to "ask." We would like to show you in our blog post what our professional opinion is. It is quite easy to plan an introductory meeting with your wedding photographer, but then the question often arises what exactly you have to prepare. At least know that nothing is mandatory and you can see for yourself what you want to spend time in and what not.

1. View the website from A to Z together
What many bridal couples forget is to take a look at the website from start to finish. And not only the portfolio, but also some recent blog posts. Sometimes you can also view your wedding location via the search function. What matters is that you take the time together to see if the work of the photographer appeals to you. In this way, you can also ask specific questions. For example, we have sometimes been asked whether we also photograph indoor weddings (yes, very often!), Or whether we also take group photos (of course, we do not put them online so quickly) and whether we have ever visited location ABC. If you have questions about our website:, write them down and take them to the conversation.

2. View the method of your wedding photographer
Although not every wedding photographer will give it, everyone has a unique view on a wedding day. And that includes a unique way of photographing. Some photographers are a "fly on the wall," and some are more present to ensure that everything is photographed in a certain way. Some photographers have exactly in their heads how the photo is going to be and pose you until you are perfectly photographed, while others are more loosely in terms of approach. What appeals to you? Also consult together, often grooms have a slightly different idea with the word "photo shoot" than brides.

3. View the price list
Nothing talks more difficult than if you do not know what something is going to cost you. You are completely taken in the conversation, you have the perfect wedding report in mind, and suddenly you hear that the whole package is far beyond your budget. So check the price list beforehand, and if you do not understand something, please contact me for an explanation. Is the price list not online, call or mail to ask us, because why should you not know the prices?

4. What do I expect from my photographer?
For example, talk with your partner about what a photographer would really make for you. Is that having beautiful detail photos? Do you want an extensive photo shoot or do you want a photojournalistic album in which the photographer does not send anything? Do you want the photographer to guide you during the day or would you prefer to "see" him/her all day long? Do you want the photographer to be appropriately dressed? Do you want him or her to focus on particular people on your day? Have you already thought about where the photographer will sit during dinner? And about when you get the photos? Do you already know if you want a wedding album? There are many questions, as you see.

5. And last, but not least, plan enough time for the interview
Of course, it is handy to prepare several conversations with wedding suppliers in one day. However, when you are halfway through the conversation, and you have to leave in half an hour, it gives you a feeling of urgency. Your wedding photographer has a lot of contact with you during the wedding day, and so it is nice to take some time for your acquaintance.
Now, do you have any kind suggestions for future bridal couples? Let it especially be heard in the reactions.

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