Amidst work and hectic schedules, only online food delivery can be a savior!
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Above are some of the cliché advertising and marketing punches used by the online food delivery vendors. No matter a huge amount is spent on the advertising by these vendors, yet it is the customer who gets the satisfaction of ordering his food within the comforts of his home.

Not just home, people also prefer ordering their lunch when in office. Just a click of button, half an hour before the lunch and you can satiate your taste buds with a paneer/kebab tikka as starter along with chapattis-sabzi and dal-rice, as main course. Also a dessert item is included in the complete meal combo. It is okay to ditch the health meal, once in a while and order for a double cheese pizza or the white sauce pasta, with a Choco lava cake. The options in the menu vary from North Indian to South Indian to Continental to Chinese cuisine. It is only a matter of taste, what you want to order. It is interesting to note that many a times, a coke bottle or a muffin is given as complimentary.

Regular customers who order food online in Bangalore, are either the ones who love to explore the menus from different outlets, once in a week or the ones who order twice or thrice in a week, just to have a normal stomach filling food. It is not just the outlets or branded food stores which provide online food delivery, but also a group of housewives who provide home made “ghar ka khana” to the office going youngsters. These housewives provide breakfast/lunch/dinner tiffin service and give complementary salads and pickle daily. On special occasions and festivals, they even include a dessert in their menus. Food items like parathas, rolls, special chappatisetc has high on demand for these housewives, who make money by providing the simple home cooked food at reasonable prices.

Lastly, Bangalore being the startup hub has a splurge of people found working late in the evenings and brainstorming over the ideas, spilling colors over investor presentations and finalizing the finances. Amidst all this chaos and chatter, ordering food online is the best option. Taking a break for the hot savoring food with the team, strengthens the bond and gifts team spirit to the startup. Also a short break with a guitar and music can be made more rejuvenating by sharing a pizza which can be ordered online instantaneously. During these short breaks, it is the co-founders who usually finalize a deal at their level or may be end up finding solutions for a major bottleneck.

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