How to Clean the Coffee Maker with Vinegar?
A coffee machine usually simmers. As the water is used more often, the pipes in the water will slowly clog up. The device then no longer pits pleasantly but hard. The neighbors can enjoy the simmering. The last drops of water are blown into the filter with a lot of fuss and fanfare. After the coffee is ready, the appliance strongly supports and sighs.

Rock hard
Do you suffer from hard pounding coffee makers? Do you feel that it can explode at any moment? Do the neighbors complain about loudly brewing your machine? Or are you tired of scaring the death of an unheard of hard coffee broth while reading the paper? Then you have to take this matter into your own hands. You do not have to throw away your beloved device. You can clean the pipes from the inside. You simply do this an age-old and cheap panacea.

Scale in the coffee machine
The pipes blocked by limescale ensure that the water is passed through the device under higher pressure. This results in all kinds of noise. Very hard simmering devices can be cleaned properly. Use white vinegar or light brown colored natural vinegar for this. Having a cup of vinegar flow through the appliance works wonders. Vinegar is acidic and dissolves the limescale within the pipes of your coffee maker.

A cup of natural vinegar
At the place where you usually pour in the water, you pour one cup of vinegar that is for sale in every supermarket. Then turn on the device. The vinegar will then do its job automatically. You will probably immediately hear a considerable difference. The vinegar dissolves the lime, and your appliance works with much less noise.

Two cups of water
After the vinegar has passed through the appliance, you can switch off the appliance and discard the used vinegar. Very important is that you repeat the entire procedure with water. A residual liquid always remains behind in the pipes. Normally that is water. But in this case, there is still vinegar in the pipes here and there. If you made coffee directly, the coffee would taste strongly to vinegar. Sour coffee is very dirty.

Cozy to simmer
That is why you end the cleaning of the pipes by running two cups of tap water through the appliance. These take the residual vinegar away from the pipes. Optionally you can repeat this one extra time; Then you know for sure that all the vinegar has disappeared from the pipes. The device is ready for use again. You can make delicious coffee without disturbing the peace. The device is still fun.

Vinegar as a cleaning agent
It is not necessary to use cleaning vinegar. It is even advisable not to use products that are usually unsuitable for consumption; this with any residues left behind in the management. It does not matter whether you use light or dark colored vinegar. However, do not use spiced vinegar. Vinegar mixtures with oil are entirely out of the question and should never be put in the coffee machine. Use pure vinegar as you can also use it to clean windows. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent. It is efficient, environmentally aware and, moreover, not expensive.

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