Reduce Oil Intake with Some Amazing Cooking Appliances
Trans fats result in increased levels of LDL in the body. At the same time, they reduce HDL levels. Hence, it is essential to keep a strict check on the amount of oil we consume on a daily basis. As per a research, repeatedly heating oil also alters its properties and leads to hazardous consequences for various organs of the body. It is therefore essential to include new age cooking appliances in our kitchen that promote healthy cooking by using less or zero amount of oil.

From dosa maker machine to air fryers, the list is extensive. Hence, we share the best kitchen appliances to healthy cooking that you must include in your kitchen.

1. Air Fryers
Air fryer is an amazing kitchen appliance that reduces the oil content in food to a great extent. Air-fryer uses an excellent combination of high-speed air movement with a top grill. This mechanism boosts the hot air circulation swiftly around the ingredients that heat the basket from all sides, making cooking food healthy, effortless, and fast. Chicken nuggets, potato fingers, potato wedges, and sausages are some of the items that can be cooked in the air fryer.

2. Electric Griddle
Another amazing kitchen appliance available these days is an electric griddle. It uses minimum oil and at the same time retains the taste of the food. You can use it with a little amount of cooking spray and cook food that is healthy and non-greasy.

3. Dosa Maker Machine
If you are fond of south Indian cuisine, then this is a must kitchen appliance for your kitchen. Dosa is one of the difficult recipes from South Indian cuisine and even requires sufficient oiling to get the perfect outcome. But with the modern day dosa maker machine it is possible to cook dosa easily, effortlessly, and without using any oil coating. This machine is layered with multiple layers of non-stick elements that ensure that the food does not stick and can be cooked without using any oil.

4. Microwave Oven

Though a microwave oven was introduced long years back, but still most of the people avoid using it and still prefer cooking the traditional way. But you would be glad to know that cooking in a microwave oven is not just effortless but is oil-free. It supplies electrical heat to the ingredients from all corners and directions. Even you are not required to any oil to it. Hence, with a microwave oven you can get oil-free and healthy cooked food.

5. Tandoor Oven
If you are fond of tandoori items, then a tandoor oven would be a great addition to your kitchen. Not only it would help cooking food effortlessly but also extract oil from the food. This way you will be able to eat a healthy diet without altering the taste. The food cooked is oil-free, fresh, and can be cooked super-fast.
The new age cooking appliances like a dosa maker machine, air fryer, and more are available at affordable prices. So, wait no more and get them right away!

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