Sweet corn and its specialties
Sweet corn is a vegetable with high sugar content. Sweet corn is the by-product of a normally prevailing latent change in the qualities which control transformation of sugar to starch inside the ENO of the corn piece. Not at all like field corn assortments, which are reaped when the kernels are dry and develop, sweet corn is picked when it is in an immature stage (drain organize) and arranged and eaten as a vegetable, as opposed to a grain.

How is it consumed?

Sweet corn, along with all its essential minerals, is proved to be really healthy for the body. There are many ways to prepare it in a wonderful dish and then relish it. The sweet mash of fresh corn is genuinely an occasional experience. For example, in the hot summer, simply boiled corn is consumed a lot. One of the most loved ways of eating sweet corn is by grilling it and putting lemon juice and salt. The sweet but zesty flavour is quite loved by all. Butter is an essential ingredient to prepare corn. It softens the sweet corn and also adds a certain flavour to it. One can add butter to baked corn, or while grilling. Varieties of sauce can also be used to create a flavourful dish. Needless to say, one of the most common recipes is sweet corn soup. You can search up the internet for sweet corn recipe in Hindi, English or in any other language and plenty of recipes will pop up to prepare something delicious out of it.

Types of sweet corn

Depending on the content of sugar and starch, sweet corn can be of different types. For example, corn produced for livestock farming is of the oldest type. There are also other varieties such as synergistic, sugary extender, Augmented Supersweet, etc. All these have sub-categories such as the Sowell’s Evergreen, Papoon, Kandy Korn, and Country Gentleman and so on. They differ in their sugar, starch, sodium, potassium and starch contents and thus their health benefits are also decided based on the ingredient scale.
Why is it healthy?

Sweet corn doesn’t only taste good. It has a number of factors which are beneficial to the body. Due to its ample amount of lutein and zeaxanthin, it helps in improving the healthy vision. It is also rich in antioxidants that help in getting protection from fatal diseases like cancer and heart attack. The antioxidant factor also helps in delaying the ageing of skin as well as removing acne. People who are diagnosed with diabetes are prescribed to have sweet corn to improve their condition. It is also a good source of fibre.

Choosing the best sweet corn from market

It is very simple to choose a good quality sweet corn. You just need to observe a few things. For example, if a corn has been harvested a few days ago, it is of supreme quality. Notice the texture of the corn, if it is smooth enough, then you can go for it. Regarding the colour, it doesn’t matter which one among white and yellow tastes sweeter, you can opt for both. The moist and swollen texture should be there.

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