Neymar waiting to move? PSG is full of "Kawani" bringing the welcoming army of Nimes
Thomas Thomas Trainer Paris Saint - Germain Rely on the team to win the French Super Cup championship on Saturday, August 3, with the availability of Neymar that he is talking about his own future. Olympic memes with Antoine Banco as the French Ligue Cup Sunday night, Aug. 11.

Stadium: Park des Parx

     Thomas Thomas, a 45-year-old German trainer, brought Paris Saint-Germain Won the championship at the ufabet1688 Champignons 2019 or the 24th Super Bowl Championship in the central stadium in Shenzhen Universal Sports Center, Shenzhen, China on Saturday, August 3, after winning the Rennes Championship Cup 2-1 last season (PS Lech played this battle as Past Ligue season champions)
Toole has Neymar Soup '' Brazilian national team freeing 3 flat games, the German national team midfielder Uian Daxler has been sentenced to 1 match and Angela Di Maria, the Argentine national team's wing. Lost sore thigh muscles Can come back to practice
In Neymar's profile, he will not enter the field in this match. Because he is talking about his own future

    But he received bad news when the new midfielder Ander Herrera injured his left calf during mid week training. Which he had to stay for 1 month in ufabet

Bannar Blagard, 61-year-old French trainer of Nimes Olympic, led the team to play the latest loss of Dijon 0-2 in a friendly match. On Saturday, August 3 at the Central Stadium in Stade Radejevitch, Vauvert, France

    This match, the team lacking Cady Saar, midfielder Senegal Left ankle injury

    In the list of Gail Montpel, striker Vick lost his left knee.

List of players expected to enter the field

    Paris Saint-Germain: Alfonso Areola-Markin Nos, Tiago Silva (Team Captain), Abdul Diallo - Thomas Merner , Marco Weratti, Julian Daxler, Juan Bernat-Pablo Sarabia, Edinon Cavani, Keiliyan M. Bupa

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