Price:  $19,385
It is a strange but magnificent vehicle. The Veloster was modernize for 2019 but conserved it’s signature design feature: asymmetric doors. Veloster seems like 2 doors car, but if one looks thoroughly at both the sides, it looks a little different. It has a total of 3 doors. The driver’s side door is long and is expanded towards the back of the car, but the door at the passenger side is not as long as on the driver’s side, it’s much shorter. The doors are called stealth doors because of the nonappearance of traditional handle. It has direct injected 1.6 liter four cylinder engine with 138 hp (103kW) and 123 lb.ft (167 N.m)  of torque at 4,850 rpm. Gearbox is six-speed manual while six-speed dual clutch transmission along with paddle shifters are accessible as opportunity. You can sell the car for cash at cashyoucaruae.com.

Price: $30,895
• It is an electric car. The new second generation leaf is more dynamic and compelling as compared to original one which offers a more muscular 40-kWh battery. The electric motor has great low-end power. With 236 lb.ft of torque at zero rpm, the Leaf can certainly anguish its front tires off the line. The long trips are advantageous because of the availability of DC fast charging . An electric drive-train, with its dearth of noise and vibration, generally makes a car feel more classy and expensive. The charging can take as little as 30 minutes or upto 12 hours. The time of charging generally depends on the size of the battery.
• Charging time:
•  120V, 10A : 35h
•  240V, 15A : 7h
•  400V : 0h


Price: $19,985

It is one of the cars involved in VW’s diesel scandal. But for the golf’s goodness diesel powertrain isn’t fundamental. It’s 170 hp turbocharged four cylinder, which is, for the car of this size is a lot of horsepower. It has 199 lb.ft of torque at 1600 rpm which makes the  Golf a quick little hatch. Instead of modern six-speed manual , it uses five-speed manual. Golf isn’t like small cars , is it roomy and spacious yet compact from inside. It has efficient range of engines. GTI and R provide thrills. It offers securer and supremely refined drive. As  an all rounder, the Golf simply cannot be beaten. Use the website renewmycarregistration.com to increase the quality of car.


Price: $16,090

The FIT celebrated its tenth anniversary last year in US. Because of its sporty persona  and benchmark levels of practicality, it has always been the favorite one among editors. The all new-third-generation of the FIT has larger and flexible interior which is nearly 5 inches more rear-seat legroom. It has 130 hp , 1.5 liter four cylinder with six-speed manual. The rear-seat bottom  can be snapped back to make a room for really huge and tall items. After folding, there is about 52.7 cu.ft of cargo space. An automated emergency brake system makes the FIT more efficient.


Price:  $19,700
The remarkably popular Honda Civic was the sixth best selling car in the US last year. Its chassis is athletic and steering is accurate, exterior is glossy. Moreover, it is large enough to carry the whole family. This Civic hatch can digest about 10 cu.ft of more luggage in the cargo hold . Its 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder produces 180 hp and 177 lb.ft of torque. The three-door hatchback body style has been somewhat unpopular in the United States, but has achieved wide acceptance in Canada, as well as popularity in Japan and European markets.

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