Analytics Skills can Make You Immune to Lay-offs
We have become all too familiar with lay-offs in the IT industry. The disruptions were imminent and they took place as expected. The developments in AI technology and automation have become the cause of the abolition of a number of job roles across various industries. Does this mean that the job market is moving towards a disastrous recession? Well, that is the very nature of the market – a rise is more likely than not followed by a fall. However, it should not necessarily disrupt your career. The only way to survive the obvious topsy-turvy of the market is to adapt. If the disruptions make you anxious about the progress and sustenance of your career, it is about time you started thinking about a new move.

Analytics is shaping the market place

Big data analytics entered the market as a mere buzz five years ago. Now, we all have some idea about how things are being changed by analytics. At this point there are nearly 100,000 open positions for analytics experts in India; just as was expected. The industry has surpassed the seemingly over-the-toppr edictions about the progress of the big data oriented industry in India. There are currently more data analytics oriented jobs in the world than most other fields. So, the tools and technologies which make you an expert in data analytics roles can also save you from the lay-offs.

Some impeccable skills

• Among all the skills which have a high demand in the market at this point Natural language processing tops the list. This technology has developed manifold and with increasing speed along with the developments in machine learning technology and improvements in computational capacity. Currently we are moving towards real-time translation making the world much smaller and expanding the reach of various technologies. This technology is dependent on big data and advance analytics.
• Spark is another technology that has found unbelievable popularity in recent times due to its real-time analytics capabilities as well as superb processing speed.
• Hadoop is kind of an old horse which is still running strong in the industry. Hadoop skills can still get you a job and a hike.
• Tableau is another tool which has become very important with time, mostly because of its data visualization features. Data visualization is a very important part of any analytics operation because it is sort of a final stage when the insights are shared with the executive body.
• The languages like R, Python and SAS are also very important for an analytics professional.

How to get trained

If you are already working in the IT industry it is understandably difficult for you to take regular classes from a formal institution. Which can be much helpful to you is big data online training. There are quite a few analytics institutes around India that offer online courses. These courses let you learn according to your own time, at your own comfort and at the pace that suits you. So, it is advisable that you enrol for a big data online training to stay relevant in the market.

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