radar detector whistler xtr 695
Valentine One radar detector offers dual antenna i.e., a front and a rear facing radar antenna that provides directional arrows pointing towards the direction from which the radar threat source is appearing. The dual antennas ensure 360 degree protection. It also indicates the number of radar threats also known as ‘bogeys’ detected via its directional arrow alert, making it unique amongst all other radar detectors.mazda 6 radar detector

Valentine One provides excellently high performance and gives full coverage for all kinds of signals. It can detect all radar bands like X, K, Ka and Ku band. SAVVY is an external module that can be plugged in, it serves a speed threshold. It has an amazing speaker and volume control that makes the voice alerts clearly audible you still have the option to connect your earphones to make the voice alerts even more audible.

Valentine One has dependable and simple to use set of controls with an amazing, basic and simple user interface. The controls can be customised according to your needs. You can adjust the volume of the alert based on your preference. You can either lower the volume or mute it down co

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