Reduce the Price of Your Car Insurance: 4 Tips
The driver of the car is a first essential element for calculating the price of your car insurance. First and foremost, there is your age. Young drivers under the age of 26 cause 2 to 3 times more accidents than people over the age of 26. It is therefore only reasonable that the young generation goes along with higher premiums.
Some insurers limit this higher premium if you learn to drive defensively.
Older people also cause more accidents. They see less well and respond less quickly, with more chance of a crash. The premium of the car insurance for older people, will therefore also be more expensive.
A different price for insurances for men and women is forbidden. That would then be discrimination.

Your place of residence:
Do you live in the city or the countryside? Do you regularly visit the city for your work? Insurance companies look at your place of residence. Because more accidents occur in cities, the price of a car insurance will be higher for those living in the city than for someone living in rural areas.
With a bit of skill, you can halve the price of your car insurance. Sometimes it's about simple things: your car, your driving behavior, etc.

Here are 4 tips to lower your insurance premium!

1. Take the bus or bicycle
Ecology and economy go hand in hand, as always. By going to work by public transport or by bike, you can reduce the price of your car insurance by 10%. Logical: if you drive less with the car, you are less likely to have an accident.
Just give the insurance company the number of your train, tram or bus pass. For cyclists, a certificate from the employer, in general, is sufficient to prove that you are cycling.

2. Drive less than 15,000 km
The insurance companies favor drivers who drive little.
It is therefore logical that you can get a cheaper car insurance. So you enjoy a discount on Direct Auto Insurance if you do not do a lot of kilometers. By driving less than 15,000 kilometers per year, you can reduce your insurance premium to 20%. Beautiful, not?
Some tips to reduce your number of kilometers driven: take public transport, have your groceries delivered at home, optimize your trips. These are small things that can make the difference, not only for your insurance premium but also for the planet!

3. Arrange your contracts with one insurer
Having multiple contracts with the same insurance company can be more advantageous. The company can reward you for your loyalty by allowing you a discount for the total of your insurance premiums.

4. Register via the internet
By taking out your insurance via the internet, you can get a nice discount on your premium. Insurers prefer online registrations; they are faster and more efficient. Now you are aware of all the tips to reduce the insurance premium for your car. To find out the amount you can do an online search in a few minutes. It is fast, simple and without any obligation!

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