12 years a slave
Any application which provides features like that of Kodi TV requires high end servers for it to operate. However, for a sustainable operation, Kodi TV comes with a plethora of server add-ons, extensions and other options for its users to choose from.

Apart from that, the engineers at Kodi also take a lot of safety measures for their application by asking for certain authorizations (captcha) from the users. While this seems like a good idea as it helps filtering bad traffic from a certain stream, it sometimes leads to certain errors which disallow users to stream from Kodi. A few of these errors are Pair, Pair and Pair.

Why am I getting Pair, Pair and Pair errors?
Despite the recent release of many competitors, there is no doubt that what Kodi TV provides to its users is a revolutionary act in the online world. This is because providing HD video streaming on a remote server from premium sources from around the globe without charging any money isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Similar to its rivals, Kodi TV operates on a remote server which can be accessed through Kodi add-ons like Exodus. Just like the application, most of the these add-ons are available for free. However, the problem is that like its competitors, most of the content on Kodi TV runs on the same server. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for the application to sustainably stream while having to manage bots, malware attacks, and other bad traffic. But, the staff at Kodi TV manages this issue with ease by implementing certain guidelines and captchas which must be fulfilled before accessing content on the application. Failing to do so leads to error like Pair, Pair and Pair.

How to fix Pair, Pair and Pair errors? 12 years a slave

Fixing Pair, Pair and Pair errors is very simple as there are multiples fixes to bypass these errors. A few of them are as follows:

Direct Authorization

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