What Are the Best Powered Speakers?
Before selecting the best wireless speakers, care should be taken to decide whether it is worth purchasing add-on units or whether a complete receiver and wireless system is the better option. In addition, be sure to understand that despite being called wireless speakers, these speakers will still have quite a few cables to them and in fact, these cables might even be more than is the case with using wired speakers. The reason for this is that each wireless speaker requires the power of some kind or the other.

The power can be obtained either through an inbuilt amplifier which needs to draw electricity from an electrical outlet or the power can be provided by an external amplifier. In the latter case, the amplifier needs to be connected to a power outlet and also to the speakers. All this will mean that there is still need to make use of some cables, even in wireless speaker systems.

A second aspect of picking the best wireless speakers for your home theater is that you have to choose whether to make all speakers wireless or whether some can be wired while others are wireless. If you wish to listen to your home theater across rooms then you can cut down on wiring by using wired front and center speakers while the rear speakers can be wireless.

This will solve your problems and also keep costs down and there is less to worry about on account of finding proper power outlets. The downside is that you may have to mix and the speakers and this will result in inferior visual aesthetic appeal as well as less purity of audio output.

As mentioned, in order to pick the best speakers, it is necessary to first decide whether to go with add-on speakers or use integrated speakers. The former option means buying sender units that have to be plugged into an existing receiver. To get maximum out of this option, you will need to ensure that you get all the connections right.

If you choose to go with a new without wire speaker system, then you have to bear additional costs but at the same time, you will enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated system which will provide superior audio output. The only trouble is that there are few such integrated speaker systems to choose from and so your options are going to be limited.

With the Polk Atrium 45p self-powered speakers, so you can listen to your iPod or portable CD player and do away with the extra amplifier. You can use your receiver's auxiliary output to send pre-amplified signals to another room, and the internal 25-watt amplifier will ensure supply the power. These speakers can be mounted at any angle. Each speaker comes with a tweeter. They have a wide dispersion capability that can create an open sound.

SCN300W indoor/outdoor weatherproof wireless system can be connected to any audio source and the range of output is about 150 feet. The speakers and the transmitter can be battery or AC powered. A 7.5-watt speaker with a 4-inch woofer and one-inch tweeter can play for about seven hours on battery. The volume, bass and power controls can be operated independently or through remote control. The best powered speakers can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand or table. The SCN300W can be considered a complete cordless speaker system.

JBL's Creature II is a three-piece system which belts out the high-quality stereo sound for movies, MP3s, and gaming. Compatible with all desktops, portables, MP3s and Walkmans, it boasts of cutting-edge design. The speaker produces high-quality audio while the subwoofer which is magnetically shielded provides clean bass and keeps off distortion.

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