10 Health Benefits of Marijuana
Marijuana frequently gets a bad rap. But how much of it's deserved?

After my previous post, “Should Marijuana Be Legalized?“ I conducted investigation to know the benefits and dangers of marijuana. Here are just ten of your quite a few health benefits attributed to the plant, too as a few of the challenges related with its use: Get more information about marijuana for sale usa. We have a variety of products and Weed Strains, Cannabis Oil, THC Cartridges, CBD and Hemp Oil for sale.

1. Alzheimer’s

Marijuana could be able to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, in accordance with study by the Scripps Analysis Institute published in “Molecular Pharmaceutics.”

2. Anxiousness

Harvard Medical School discovered that marijuana might have anti-anxiety effects. Obviously, remember that high doses could boost anxiousness and paranoia.

3. Arthritis

Marijuana can alleviate discomfort and inflammation linked to arthritis.

4. Cancer

Research published within the journal “Molecular Cancer Therapeutics” suggests that cannabidiol, a chemical compound located in marijuana, turns off the “ID-1? gene, which cancer cells use to spread.

5. Epilepsy

Research performed by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University indicate that marijuana could quit seizures.

6. Glaucoma

Researchers are working to develop new cannabis-based drugs to treat glaucoma discomfort after figuring out marijuana’s effectiveness for treating the condition. Glaucoma is really a situation that increases pressure inside the eyeball and can bring about vision loss.

7. Lung health

Investigation in the “Journal with the American Medical Association“ discovered that marijuana can improve lung capacity - not decrease it, as numerous people have extended believed.

8. Numerous sclerosis

A study published inside the “Canadian Medical Association Journal” located that cannabinoids considerably decreased several sclerosis discomfort.

9. Nausea

Marijuana contains a minimum of 60 cannabinoids. THC is definitely the key chemical associated with its mind-altering effects. THC has been used in the treatment of nausea, like drug- or chemotherapy-induced nausea. Get more information about marijuana for sale. Visit our Store and view available products for sale for the USA and Worldwide.

10. Parkinson’s Illness

Analysis published in “MedPage Today” discovered that marijuana use eased tremors and improved fine motor expertise in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

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