4 Amazing Beauty Tips That Magically Prevent Hair Fall!
Beautiful hair goes a long way about the way you look. If your hair fall constantly, have split ends and are dull it is time for you take a serious note of it.  With the help of certain homemade beauty tips you can check hair flow and make your hair bounce with health naturally. But as a first step, you need to trash all the chemical-laden shampoos, hair creams, gels, showers and conditioners and go natural. Let us have a quick look at a few miraculous tips that give you sure-shot results.
Soak Mustard Seeds Overnight Grind Them Along With Water and Apply that Paste in the Morning:
Massage your hair scalp with the grounded mustard seeds powder. Being a good source of Vitamin A, proteins and Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, mustard seeds strengthen your hair, promote hair growth and condition your hair from deep within. This adds shine to your hair and made them bouncy.

Massage your hair scalp with the mustard paste to add volume.

Roll Fingers More Often And Massage Your Hair Scalp:

Even if you are not massaging your hair with oil, roll fingers onto your hair scalp to improve the blood circulation onto the hair follicle and strengthen them. Because of the same reason combing your hair often also helps.

Rinse Your Hair With Red Wine After Hair Wash:

Instead of using a hair conditioner, use red wine for rinsing your hair after washing them. Red wine contains Resveratrol which is a substance that prevents hair loss and adds volume to your hair by increasing blood circulation to them.

Nourish Your Hair Twice A Week:

Prepare a nourishing hair mask using heena, yogurt, egg-white and gooseberry powder.  Heena is the best naturally occurring hair conditioner and combined with goodness of high protein and fatty-acids (eggs+yogurt), it can do miracle to your hair. Wash your hair twice a week and before washing them, nourish your hair using this hair mask.

A Few Important Tips You Need To Remember:

• Never comb your hair when they are wet. This weakens the hair follicle. Pat them dry do not wrap towel around the wet hair this will result in hair wall.

• Use a protective hair gear when you go out in sun as UV rays are extremely damaging to your hair.

• Avoid using hair styling products like hair dryers etc.

Follow these beauty tips and tricks to get wonderful, long and healthy hair.

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