Boiling again! Neymar quarreled with fans after the French Cup championship.
Neymar pioneered the superstar of Paris Saint-Germain Revealed again. After a brawl with the fans at the end of the game, the French Cup is in the final.
Neymar, the famous striker of Paris Saint-Germain The billionaire club of the French Ligue stage played a fan after the French Cup final. Which his team lost to Rennes during the penalty shootout On Saturday 27 April ago
Paris pretended to be a comfortable champion after leading 2-0 from Daniel Alves in the 13th minute and Neymar in the 21st minute, but Rennes came up with a draw. Prestal Kim Pembee's own goal in the 40th minute and then scored an equalizer from the Messer in the 66th minute to finish 90 minutes, 2-2 draws and extra time, no one can do anything more. Causing the need to measure in the penalty spot
During the duel, the first 5 of the two teams were killed. Causing him to duel with Dandeneth by Rennes' 6th person, namely Isamila Tsar and he shot in. The part of Paris is Christopher Enkun Koo, which he doesn't shoot. " PSG "The champion is a flip-flop.
According to tradition, Paris needs to go up to receive a medal. And many fans picked up their mobile phones to record clips as usual Until pressing the other's cell phone down to prevent him from shooting It is not clear what the football fan said before.
The incident caused the fans to be extremely offended. Until the couple spoke a little bit before Neymar struck the other arm By which it seems to be going to the chin of the parties as well Before the Brazilian star kicked up to receive the next medal.
For Neymar, who was recently hit by the European Football Federation ufabet1688, punished three European matches against him in the case of insulting VAR officials with profanity. Because they are not satisfied with the performance of the other side in the ufabet Champions League round of 16, the final match at Manchester United 1-3.

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