Interesting facts of Birthday stone —Opal Stone
This birthstone is for the month of October with pink tourmaline. This semi-precious stone is also used to give and celebrate the14th anniversary of marriage. Opal name is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’ its meaning is ‘precious stone’. Also, the Greek derivative ‘opallios’ is also linked to opal and meaning is ‘to see a color changing’.

The most beautiful and precious loose gemstone opal is very popular around the world. They have contained dazzling colors with some beautiful patterns. Opal colors range from clear white, orange, yellow, red, gray, blue, green, magenta, rose pink, slate, brown, olive, and black. Of these exclusive opal shades, black is the rarest although green and white are most popular and common. Optical density is the best feature of opal varies from semitransparent to opaque that you can even get in moonstone for sale. These unique gemstones are purely exclusive and stunningly beautiful thus these are highly used in jewelry and accessories like awatch, brooch, pendants etc.

At the same time, there are some mesmerizing metaphysical benefits associated with this beautiful birthstone.  Let us find some interesting facts about Opal gemstone, mentioned below:

Interesting Facts of Opal

• Official birthstone
Opal is the official birthstone for October, it symbolizes hope and purity, now you can buy opal stone from online too. Metaphysically it is best as a protective stone; along with it provide positive energy.

• Martian opal
Amazingly opal has been discovered on Mars, it is among only a few gemstones which are found out of the planet. However, there are some sources do not agree with the fact. If you are worrying like where to buy moonstone, then check some reliable gems and stones sellers online.

• Made by rain
It is very famous that opal is made from rain, although some speculated that how these beautiful semi precious stones formed exactly. But we and many others believe that it is made after the rainwater seeps down through cracks in the rock. After the water evaporation, the persisted silica dries and hardens to form real opal stone.

• Ancient opal history
The ancient Greeks found opal a holy stone as they believed this gemstone was made when the Zeus defeated the Titans and has joy wept tears. They also believe opal carried supreme prophetic powers.

• Australian Opal
95% of the opal source is in Australia, yes Australia produces highest of the world’s opal. White opal is present in the majority that found from the field of CooberPedy in Australia.

• Queen of gemstones
Opal is considered the symbol of love, fortune,and hope, according to ancient Romans.

• Lucky opal
Yes, opal is thought of lucky gemstone. However, the interesting fact is several marketers or businessman considered opal id unlucky or bad luck for their marketing business.  However, the common person believes opal is lucky stone and people like to wear it.

• Aboriginal history of opal
The Natives of Australia believed that opals for sale have the footprints of their creator. They have faith that their creator touched the earth with a rainbow base to bring harmony for their creations.

• Queen’s royalty
It is the history that royal people loved the opal gemstone most. Since opal was the favorite gemstone of queen victoria while she had diamonds, rubies, and sapphires of British Empire. But she was fascinated with the intoxicating opal colors.

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