Know About Golf Courses of Different Types

Golf is quite a complex sport and many people may not be aware of various factors that can make the game perfect. Surely many of you may not be familiar with different equipment required for each golf shot.

Do you know about golf courses of different types? Whether you are semi-professional or complete beginner having no idea from where to start using your top forgiving irons, in this post we will briefly explain the about golf courses of different types.

1. Links courses

There are disputes about origin of golf but we are sure about origination of link-style golf courses. They are between the farmlands and coast of Scotland and built on the sandy soil.

You can recognize them by seeing any treeless golf course however, they can also be recognized by few other features too.

Usually these golf courses are made around natural hazards near coast and bunkers are deepened for preventing the sand to blow away.

They need minimal maintenance and will be windy all-year-round.

2. Parkland courses

Tall trees will be used as the challenge of any Parkland golf course, and they are often very well-manicured and also properly taken care of. However, players must be careful about certain pitfalls of this golf terrain:

Due to natural clay underlay weather can make its ground unplayable easily than any links courses, particularly if rain has affected on the ground where you are going to play. So, ensure you are informed about tips to maintain your good game.

Soil may be less especially during bad weather conditions.

3. Desert courses

In the Middle East and few of the USA parts, desert golf courses usually are popular as they are built mostly in the desert. They need heavy irrigation because of their location.
Besides that, they also appear to violate few accepted principles of golfing world. Many owners of course will make great efforts for benefitting both the golfer as well as environment, which are sometimes disliked by few players.

You may enjoy playing though, as you will be surrounded with animals and beautiful plants while playing.

4. Sand courses

In 1961, first golf course was built by British oil workers as part of a side project. Naturally, the very first golf course would be on the sand in that country.

With many trial and errors, they built optimum green surfaces by mixing the oil and sand to create golf course which may be slower but truer.

Golfers were permitted to bring their Astroturf for such fully sanded courses to avoid feeling of continuous any bunker shots. Finally, they were converted to emerging green golf course shortly afterwards.

5. Snow/ice courses

Snow/ice courses are less popular as they are golf courses of most difficult types. However, playing golf on such courses can be interesting as you need not worry about proper club for different kind of grasses.

Besides obvious temperature issues, you will also have following problems:
• Because of thermal clothing, snow blindness or movement constrictions.
• Because of snow, surface is rough and graphite clubs may shatter.
• Danger of crevasses and seal dens.

Golf is a beautiful game and it may take time to decide the golf courses type where you can begin with!

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