Madrid opens the talk of Neymar
Spain's media coverage of Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain Began to talk about the possibility of moving Neymar's team, in addition to permanent sales opportunities, "PSG" is also ready to release him on loan for 1 season as well

Neymar went on news about moving the team throughout the past. After saying that the agency could not tolerate his behavior and attitude anymore, even though Barcelona was to be the team that had the chance to join him the most, but "PSG" did not want to sell. He gave "Azul Rana" How much?
Until the latest, Ashlak said that just a few days before ufabet contacted Real to talk about releasing Neymar to join the Santiago Bernabeu side, the team from France showed his attitude. Ready to negotiate with a price that is not too high, which the "White King" decided to open the dialogue with the representative of Paris immediately because this is a golden opportunity to get one of the top players to join. May day Plus the price is very reasonable

The media originally added that besides having the opportunity to permanently move the team There is also the possibility that the team will move ufabet1688 in the form of a loan for 1 season, which, if Neymar shows a good form in the loan agreement, Paris will be able to sell him at a higher price in the summer. Next year, but only in the negotiation process There is no official proposal yet.

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