Professional Biohazard Services- Cleanup and Restoration
Exposure to chemical and biological contaminants can lead to major health consequences. Failure to remove such substances properly can create dangerous and unhealthy environments. Trained professionals have the ability to safely remove and clean bio-hazardous substances and ensure they are disposed of appropriately in accordance with health and federal regulations.

Equipped with the required cleaning products and safety apparatus, cleanup professionals help to transform an unsafe environment into a safe and clean home or office. Decontaminating a home or business because of hoarding, chemical spills, sewage backups and other biohazards is likely to be an emotional and dangerous process.

Biohazard Cleanup

Experienced and specialized training are essential when selecting a cleanup service that can handle such situations. Professionals provide recovery and cleanup services for many biohazard circumstances. These include:

• Meth lab cleanup
• Tear gas cleanup
• Chemical Spills.
• Animal remains and waste.
• Hoarding scenes
• Accident cleanup
• Blood cleanup
• Homicide cleanup
• Death or suicide accidents
• Crime scene residue
• Sewage backups

Sewage Backup

Dark water invasions and sewage backups are much more than foul smelling nasty deposits. This type of damage can introduce harmful microorganisms within a structure. Professionals are hired to remove moisture, contaminants and sewage. They help to ensure that the structure is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and deodorized.


Professionals remove and get rid of tissue, bodily fluids and other forms of potentially pathogenic substances that result from death, crime, trauma or accidents. A trained professional cleaner is able to clean and disinfect the structure. View biohazard cleanup Austin here.

Chemical Labs

Many chemicals that are used to produce illegal drugs like methamphetamine are explosive and may leave harmful residue around the structure. Professionals adhere to state and federal guidelines to clean all surfaces properly.

Emergency Services

Since a biohazard emergency does not always occur during regular working hours, professionals are expected to be available throughout the day. You can rest assured that response time will be immediate during the day and at night.

Using Effective Cleaning Products

Some people my think using commercial cleaning agents for a biohazard cleanup will be sufficient. With this approach, there is no way to guarantee that that the affected area is properly disinfected. A professional biohazard cleanup company utilizes highly effective techniques to remediate unattended deaths, trauma and crime scenes as well as other tragic circumstances to secure the site.


• Biohazards are byproducts or organisms that are potentially harmful or harmful to people. Examples of biohazard substances include medical waste, toxins, viruses, bacteria, vomit, urine, feces and blood.
• While some people think bio-hazardous materials can only be encountered in hospital settings, the reality is that it is possible for biohazards to exist anywhere.
• Trauma and crime scenes may contain biohazards. This is why proper cleaning and disposal methods are vital for ensuring safety of occupants within the affected site.

Basic Biohazard Cleanup Steps

Bioremediation companies clean and disinfect trauma and crime scenes. Technicians are trained to efficiently, discreetly and compassionately provide biohazard cleanup.
• Cleanup involves removing traces of chemicals, dirt, biological materials and blood from the society.
• Disinfecting involves using a disinfectant to spray surfaces at intervals. All surfaces are then manually wiped before a process that is used to verify the sanitation level.
• Deodorizers are used to get rid of any lingering odors.

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